What Is The Correct Way To Choose A Marina?

What Is The Correct Way To Choose A Marina?

On those calm sunny days, there is nothing better than getting out on the water! What even makes it better is if you own a boat and are not constrained to have the boat back at a certain time. The thought of having a boat is awesome, but sometimes people neglect the thought of where they will be housing the boat regularly. I hope that you find below to be very helpful in what you should look for as you are trying to find a good marina.

A Good Place to Fill Up!

When looking for a marina, make sure that they have a good place to fill your boat up. The reason for this is twofold. Both convenience and safety are an issue here. When it comes to filling up your boat at a marina that does not have a good fueling station, they will most often be sending a portable refueling station out to fill up the boats. The problem here is that you do not always know when they will be available and you may even have to schedule the appointment yourself. As well, this puts all the boats around in additional danger of catching on fire as the boat is being refueled.

Find a Marina with a Good Maintenance Crew

Have you ever been out to a lake and had this happen? You go out, expecting the boat to fire right up and off into the sunset like they do in the movies… The only problem is that when you get there the boat will not start. What do you do? Most of us who are at marinas with no maintenance crew and are not mechanically inclined have to schedule a mechanic to come to take a look at it. Those marinas that have maintenance crews will often be available and ready to assist those that need help at any time. Not only that, but they do routine maintenance on boats to help ensure that when you get out there to your boat, it will start up without any problems right off the bat. This is a huge benefit of having a maintenance crew working on the boat year around.

Find a Good Location!

Statistics show that those who are less than thirty miles from their boats are much more likely to use them regularly. This is an important statistic because some people overlook good marinas for the fancy ones, but they are much further away. The problem is that while they are nice, the only time you ever take your boat out is on one or two holidays each year. The rest of the time it sits in the marina. Those that live closer to their marinas, they are more likely to take their boats out and enjoy them on an average weekend. After all, isn’t the nicest part about owning a boat is being out and away from the marina anyhow? A good marina is very important, but location should play a factor in your decision.

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